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Feed in tariff

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Feed in tariff

Feed in tariff 

Feed in tariffs have had a bit of a mixed press recently and some people may think that they have missed out on what was the solar 'gold rush'. However the FIT still offers a very attractive investment for customers and because of the fall in prices of panels - solar is as good (if not better) a proposition as it was at the end of 2011.

The current FIT  of 15.44p/kWh was set on Nov 1st 2012 reviewed every three months. The FIT in tariff will be adjusted in line with deployment, which means that if a lot of people install in the next three months then the FIT will go down. However if install levels are low then the FIT may not change at all.

FIT application

It is essential that you contact your electricity supplier to request a Feed-In tariff application form in preparation for your installation.

The Feed-in Tariffs for different sized solar PV systems are shown in the table below.

These tariffs will apply for generation for a 20 year FiT period.

EPC Energy Performance Certificate

To be eligible for the full generation tariff applicants must also meet an additional criteria that the property to which the solar panels provide electricity, meets EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) D rating or above. If evidence of D rating or above is not available a 7.1p/kWh applies.

We are able to provide you with an EPC if required.

Band (kW)                        Generation Tariff (pence per kWh)

<4kW New Build                        15.44

<4kW Retrofit                             15.44

>4-10kW                                     13.99

>10-50kW                                   13.03

>50-100kW                                 11.5

>100-150kW                               11.5

>150-250kW                               11.0

>250kW-5MW                               7.1

Stand Alone*                                  7.1

In addition to the above generation tariff an export tariff of 4.5p/kWh will be paid which is great news for customers!

The exported energy is not generally metered for installations below 30kWp, but energy suppliers assume that 50% of the energy generated is being exported and pay the 4.5p / kWh for this energy.

The feed in & export tariffs are index linked (will rise with inflation each year) and are also tax-exempt for individuals. The rate per kWh is paid for every unit generated regardless of whether the electricity is used or not. If you can use the energy when it’s being generated you will also reduce the bill from your electricity supplier. Energy not being used on site will be exported to the grid.

All figures shown are subject to changes in government legislation but are correct at time of printing.