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Solar power

 Microgeneration approved installer

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Solar power

An incredible investment

You will also be able to receive income & savings in the region of £1000 a year* for the next 20 years through a combination of the  government backed Feed In Tariff of 15.44p/kWh and an export tariff of 4.5p/kWh.

A 3.92kWp system will cost £6495 (including VAT and EPC assessment.)

Solar power is the future and we want you to be a part of it!

Not only is solar a great thing to do for the planet but also for your peace of mind that you are contributing to a more sustainable future. By installing solar panels you tap into a free, natural resource that will enable you to gain control of your energy bills in uncertain times.

Solar panels are:

  • An ethical investment.
  • Clean, green, renewable.
  • A step towards a sustainable future.

You are ideally placed to take advantage of solar if you live in the South West as the region gets the largest portion of sunshine in the UK. If you also have a south facing roof with little or no shade - then solar is an excellent option for you!

Calculations based on south facing solar array and subject to variations in sunshine.

Ideal for domestic use and for small businesses wishing to reduce energy bills and carbon consumption.

As a fully accredited business we offer a professional and friendly service starting with our free no obligation survey, to complete installation and certification.


The current government backed Feed in Tariff rate of 15.44p/kWh is available until May 1st 2013, when it will be reviewed again by the government. Changes to the tariff will be linked to deployment rates, which means that if a lot of people install solar now, then the FIT will go down, but if installation rates are low, then the FIT might stay the same.

For more information go to the Energy Saving Trust website.

In order to be eligible for a FIT your property needs to have an EPC (energy performance certificate) of Grade D or above. Our site surveyor will be able to do this for you.

Free phone: 0800 496 1494 for your free survey.

Mobile phone: 01736 361 406


*Note. Figures shown present financial performance in real terms (i.e. in todays’ money). They do not include adjustment for index linking to RPI (Retail Price Index) or inflationary costs of electricity over the next 20 years.