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Solar power

 Microgeneration approved installer

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Solar power

Solar technology

Plug into the sun are an independent company and can install the most suitable photovoltaic (PV) products for your requirements. We source these tiles and panels from different companies including the two biggest in the UK solar industry: Dulas and Solar Century.

All panels we install are accredited on the official list of the Micro-generation Certification Scheme. This is important as without this certification they will not receive any money from the Feed-In Tariffs.

The three main types of installation are:

Solar tiles

These PV slates are photovoltaic roof tiles which are integrated into the building.

Solar tiles, St AgnesC21 tiles
For new builds we recommend the Solar Century C21 tile. It's a fantastic product and integrates seamlessly with any concrete roofing tile. It's extremely efficient and a very good looking product.

Download the datasheet for the full specification.

Carnyorth Outdoor Education CentreAtlantis Sunslates
Sunslates are solar tiles which are easy to install and look very similar to traditional roof slates so they are very attractive. The slate has a tempered glass cover to protect it and ensure a long life. Sunslates have been approved for conservation areas and Grade II listed buildings. We used Sunslates for the Carnyorth Outdoor Education Centre installation.

Solar panels

These PV panels attach to the outside of a slate or concrete sloping roof with specially designed aluminium fixings. They can also be easily attached to a metal roof with clamps on the standing seams of the roof. For flat roofs we put the panels on an aluminium frame or in custom designed plastic box frames to keep them secure and at the right angle. Our senior installers each have over 20 years of roofing experience so you can be sure you're getting the best quality installation.

Above roof solar PV panels

Chalet PenzanceKyocera polycrystalline
Kyocera offer a large range of advanced polycrystalline panels with a conversion efficiency of over 14%. They are easy to install and offer a guaranteed output of not less than 90% of minimum rated power for 12 years and not less than 80% of minimum rated power for 25 years.


Penzance YMCASanyo hybrid
We used Sanyho hybrid panels from Solar Century when we installed a solar system to educate the thousands of people who come through the YMCA's doors each year about solar power. A data logger in reception with electronic readouts showing information about the system in the Penzance YMCA.

Download the datasheet for the full specification

Davey House, PenwithSharp monocrystalline
We used Sharp monocrystaline panels from Dulas when we worked with Penwith District Council and Penwith Housing Association to deliver a unique series of installations on social housing at Davey House in West Penwith.



Flat roof solar PV panels

Kerrier District CouncilPanels can be installed directly on a flat roof like the Kerrier DC installation or elevated with a purpose-built steel frame like a solar system we installed on a house in St Ives.


See our case studies for examples installations of these technologies or read about the factors which affect output.