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Solar power

 Microgeneration approved installer

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Solar power

Together we are stronger!

We understand the importance of keeping costs down and we are committed to offering individuals the best price possible for their solar PV installation. However.....

Group power

Through bulk purchasing power and making savings on travelling time and costs - we can pass these savings on to you.

We are looking for motivated and passionate individuals who believe that renewables are the future.

If you think that your community/school/business would benefit from solar PV and would benefit from the cheaper costs that we can offer through our solar club - then please get in touch.

Solar is a sound investment that will actually make and save you money.

It is also an essential move that will create a sustainable future and also educate the next generation about the importance of renewables.

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Everyone’s circumstances are different so we will work out the best package based on your group’s requirements.

Whether it is just you and your neighbour, or a school and a business – get in touch and find out how good it is to get together!

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