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VAT Good News

Date: 30 Nov 2010

As many of you are aware, in January 2011 VAT is rising from 17.5% to 20% but there is some good news to stress to potential solar panel investors. The VAT on solar PV installs is chargeable at 5% and THIS IS NOT DUE TO RISE.

To learn more on this discounted level of VAT visit the HMRC website.

It was rumoured that VAT on renewable energy installations would rise to 6% but this plan was not put into place by the government so for now you can Plug Into The Sun at a cost of 5% VAT.

There is no better time to invest in solar power and no better place to invest in solar power than in the south west. Why not get in touch now to book your free, no obligation site survey and quotations from Cornwall’s leading solar installer? We’re 100% committed to providing a first class installation to all our customers.

Get solar for 5% VAT only Get solar for 5% VAT only