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Solar Industry Shines

Date: 12 Aug 2010

U.K. solar power installer jobs have increased by 75 percent this year as government incentives spurred demand for photovoltaic panels.


 That is according to leading solar PV wholesaler Solar Century as they report recruitment within their accredited installers has risen from 200 to 350 since the beginning of the year.

Plug Into The Sun, the south west solar panel installer based in Cornwall, has had something to with the increase, as the company employs more installers, site surveyors and administration staff to deal with the surge in enquiries thanks to the Feed in Tariff for solar power micro-generation. There are predictions that staff levels will increase to more than 500 by 2011 across the UK Solar Century network.

So why the growth? It is, for the most part, down to the government who, in April this year introduced feed-in tariffs which guarantees prices for electricity at up to 10 times the market rate. Needless to say, that has prompted homeowners, businesses, anyone with a roof to realize that solar panels is an excellent investment, so more people are having panels installed.