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Solar companies to march on Parliament

Date: 16 Nov 2011

Solar companies will march on Parliament on November 22nd to show their opposition to the proposed cuts to the feed-in tariff.

The march is organised by Our Solar Future and aims to show the government the consequences of the cuts.

The 'Cut don't Kill' campaign hopes to see supporters gather in the Emmanuel Centre on Marsham Street, which is just a few minutes walk from Parliament.

Doors will open at 12.30pm and speakers will begin at 1pm.  Our Solar Future has lined up some key Parliamentarians to speak, and there will be a quick briefing on how best to lobby your MP.

The government's proposed changes to the feed-in tariff threatens the industry and the 25,000 people employed within it.

A particular point of concern is the speed with which the tariff is to be implemented - about four months earlier than anticipated.

This has caused chaos in the industry which is now struggling to fulfill demand by the cut-off date and which has also seen an extreme drop off in orders after this date.

The legality of the changes are being challenged by Solarcentury as the change in FiT actually comes weeks before the end of the consultation period.

Solarcentury issued legal proceedings against DECC on Friday 4th November and Plug into the Sun have contributed £1000 towards legal fees.

Andrew Tanner, managing director from Plug Into the Sun started the company out of a desire to make Cornwall sustainable

Andrew Tanner said: “The feed in tariff has provided the security and certainty for many customers to invest in solar.  This has also allowed me to invest in the company.  Make no mistake we are in this for the long term!"