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I want my school powered by the sun

Date: 11 Sep 2008

"I want my school powered by the sun"

School campaign to be launched soon

Plug Into The Sun will be launching a campaign aimed at getting solar PV installed in schools across the South West.

Following a series of successful installations at Drake Primary School, Holway Park School in Taunton and St Colomb Minor, Plug Into The Sun are encouraging all schools to apply for 50% grants from the Low Carbon Building Programme Phase II and match-funding from other organisations which makes solar PV installations virtually free for public sector organisations!

Solar panels reduce electricity bills and provide a clean, infinite source of energy for schools. In addition, they are a fantastic way to educate children about solar power. A display board like the one in Holway Park shows how much energy is generated by the system and how much carbon dioxide is saved.

If you want your school to be powered by the sun, ask your teachers to read our guide to public sector funding.