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New website holds the key

Date: 20 Oct 2008

New website holds the key to free renewable energy this winter

Distribution: Local Cornish and Devon media

Electricity generated from the sun could be free this winter by logging into West Cornwall's solar energy installers Plug Into The Sun's new online resource about funding for community groups and individuals.

In many cases available cash for solar energy projects can be 100% and Plug into the Sun's new website offers up to date information plus a step by step guide for anybody wanting to switch to renewables.

The clean, clear and contemporary website designed and managed by Lostwithiel based Iteracy Ltd outlines the different packages available and helps people through the process of getting a quote and applying for a grant.

Whilst sums of up to £2500.00 are available for domestic solar energy installation, one of the site's main messages is that 100% funding is available for public buildings and community groups, such as schools, hospitals, charities and sports clubs.

Andy Tanner, managing director of Plug into the Sun said: "We wanted to create a website where people can get relevant information about how and why they should use solar energy and where to access grant funding.

"Solar energy is a clean, silent and an infinite source of energy but the initial outlay can be costly so these grants are a fantastic opportunity for people to install photovoltaic (PV) and solar panels for a lifetime's supply of electricity."

The site includes a domestic energy calculator, which enables visitors to work out the kind of costs and savings that can be made from a PV panel installation as well as case studies showing a range of existing solar installations.

"There are so many groups of people that can benefit from virtually free solar energy that it would be a great shame if organisations in Cornwall and Devon missed out through simply not filling in an application form," said Andy. "The amount groups that can benefit from this scheme is immense.