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Government Announcement on Solar Parks

Date: 25 Nov 2010

Some really interesting and important stuff has come from the Climate Change minister regarding solar farms. Read the full article here on the Solar Power Portal or have a look at the following extract from Greg Barker's speech:


“…The initial pointers were fairly mild, as the Minister claimed that, “We want microgeneration technology to break down the barriers, with consumers becoming active participants in the green energy sector,” so that, “We can literally bring power to the people – to communities and to local businesses.”

However, these placid remarks were soon replaced with some rather obvious statements:

“The coalition is committed to the roll-out of the widest possible range of domestic community-scale renewables,” explained Barker.

“However, there is one problem. The fact is we inherited a system from the previous government that simply failed to anticipate the potential for industrial-scale, stand-alone greenfield solar. And while we will certainly not act retrospectively, large greenfield-based solar parks should not be allowed to extort the funding available for domestic solar technology.

“We want to see an ambitious roll-out of solar panels on Britain’s roofs, but not all over our countryside, and I will not allow the hard-earned funding available to be scooped up by industrial-scale PV farms at the expense of domestic or small-scale PV.”

The message here is clear: the DECC does not want to support large-scale solar.

Barker justified his comments by explaining:

“Economies of green field solar are clearly very different from rooftop installations but that is not reflected in the scheme – this is because the last administration failed to listen properly to the industry. At the moment there is no call for alarm. However, if the current growth begins to get out of hand, I will act…”