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FIT back up to 43p.3/kWh likely but 21p guaranteed until 3rd March!

Date: 25 Jan 2012

Technically the FIT has been back to 43p since the High Court ruled a cut would be illegal in December. There is a chance the tariff could go back down again if the Government is successful in one of its outstanding appeals, though at each stage they lose that becomes increasingly less likely. 21p is guaranteed and 43.3p is likely, but until all appeals are exhausted we can't really say more than that.

Four judges, including three in the Court of Appeal, have now called the Government’s actions illegal. That’s a four-nil victory and a decisive ruling that Government may not make retrospective changes to the FiT. Despite this in the last few hours DECC have rumoured that they will now appeal to the supreme court and this is the reason why the FIT amount of 43.3p is not definite.

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