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Feed In Tariff & Green Mortgages!

Date: 16 Jul 2009

Great news from the Government yesterday as Ed Miliband announced an ambitious roadmap for the UK to cut greenhouse emissions.

Of particular interest for Solar Photovoltaics is the setting of the Feed In Tariff level. The Feed In Tariff will be bought in next April and will pay 36.5p for each generated unit, on top of any income you make from exporting electricity or savings on your existing bill. This will bring down payback times considerably and any installation from now on will be eligible.

The Green Buildings Council also announced a 'green mortgage' scheme, whereby high street banks will offer low interest loans to home owners to fund investment in renewable energy and energy saving measures on their homes. The payments for these loans will be covered by the savings and income from the Feed In Tariff.

See our Feed In Tariff page for full details or use our domestic estimate calculator which includes Feed In Tariffs to calculate the costs and savings of Solar PV. There has never been a better time to invest in Solar PV so get in touch now for more details!