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Farmers Focus on the Feed In Tariff

Date: 26 Aug 2010

Plug Into The Sun have been offering fantastic investment opportunities for farmers and landowners since the launch of the Feed In Tariff earlier this year. Now it seems, the media are finally catching up.

A report in the Telegraph headlines "Renewable energy is the cash crop of the future for British farmers," calls solar power the "new gold rush" and profiles another of Plug Into The Sun's very happy solar panels customer, in Cornwall.

Some other useful points to come out of the article is confirmation, "with more sunlight hours than elsewhere in the country, Cornwall is set to be the heart of the UK's new solar industry." It is also revealed that two thirds of new micro-generation schemes implemented since the feed in tariff was launched are solar panels because wind is more high risk than solar power as you cannot easily predict the winds like you can daylight hours.

Finally confirmation for farmers in Cornwall that they are ideally situated to take advantage of the investment opportunity in solar:

"Wind is also not appropriate for as many farmers as solar. Firstly it requires the right kind of weather, which can best be found in Scotland, the North West of England, Wales and the South West. With many of those locations in beautiful natural settings, gaining planning permission may still be a barrier. For now, Britain's farmers' biggest ray of hope comes from solar."