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Taxpayers in Cornwall to Save Millions Due to Solar Power

Date: 9 Aug 2010

'Ending energy ban could save millions' say Cornwall council leaders.

Just weeks after Plug Into The Sun told you, about plans to change a law which would allow Cornwall Council to make more from its solar investments, the government is going full steam ahead with the new rules.

So, from August 18th, councils will be able to sell renewable electricityto the government and that will save you and I, council taxpayers millions of pounds.

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is due to overturn the law brought in by the Tories in 1989 which stopped local authorities selling electricity to the National Grid. Here is what Caroline Rule from Cornwall's cabinet says the Duchy authority does plan to generate all their own electricity and sell excess th the National Grid, eventually leading to savings for the taxpayer.

Managing Director of Plug Into The Sun, Andrew Tanner says,

"This is fantastic news for Cornwall. It will enable Cornwall Council to take the lead on implementing a solution to climate change, whilst making money. Plug Into The Sun have recently installed 24kWp on New County Hall's roof. This new ruling will enable Cornwall to benefit even further from solar power and investing in renewables.

Plug Into The Sun has been lobbying for a change in this law for a long time as well as pressurising the government to take more seriously the climate change issues individuals and communities are concerned about. We're delighted that we've been able to make a difference at Westminster."