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Chamber of Commerce shines

Date: 20 Jul 2010

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Presents the Bright Investment

More than a hundred Cornish businessmen, women and entrepreneurs have enjoyed an exciting presentation from Plug Into The Sun and two other stand-out Duchy enterprises: Kneehigh Theatre Company and Shelterbox.

For the first time, the business community are able to take advantage of renewable energy not just for ethical reasons, but for sound investments too. The government has just confirmed that they will be continuing to offer the Labour government's generous Feed-In Tariff for micro-generation (i.e homeowners, businesses, anyone who generates their own electricity).

Renewables expert Andrew Tanner told an enthralled audience representing over 50 Duchy businesses, about the financial opportunities available thanks to the Feed-In Tariff:

"Reduce your carbon emissions; make money and make money and...yep, make more money."

At the moment, the scheme offers anyone installing solar PV panels up to 41.3 pence per unit of electricity they generate. This would allow you to make a 12% rate of return on your investment, over the 25 year period of the scheme. This is tax-free and goes up at the same rate as inflation. So spend £10,000 and earn £1,200 a year, for 25 years. Industry experts say the return on investment makes solar energy more efficient than investing money in a bank.

That was Andrew's message which fitted perfectly with two other speakers, Kneehigh Theatre Companywho are launching their "Asylum" Theatre and are keen to work with Cornish-based companies like Plug Into The Sun and Shelterbox, the disaster-relief charity. What better incentive to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet, than to see evidence of the terrible impact of disasters, like flooding, on some of the poorest parts of the world?

Talking about his "Meet My Company" Presentation Andrew Tanner says, "The Chamber breakfast has been a great opportunity to let people know what we're about as a company - experience, innovation and customer service. The reception has been fantastic and all sorts of people are needless to say, impressed with the excellent financial incentives, solar PV offers at the moment. I've had interest from a whole range of industries from bakers to charities; services to tourism."