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Britain's First Solar Powered Town? Episode 3

Date: 14 Sep 2011

"Britain's First Solar Powered Town? Episode three" is the third of four short films documenting one towns' shift to solar power. The first film was published at the end of May this year, brought to you by Solarcentury in conjunction with Third Channel Productions.

The most ambitious project of its kind in the UK, Wadebridge in Cornwall aims to generate at least a third of its electricity from solar and wind power by 2015. They want to stop relying on utilities and make significant cash contributions to local community projects through generating their own electricity.

The third episode shows the towns first solar farm up and running, generating power for over 30 homes and an income for the community. Jeremy Leggett, author of The Solar Century, visits Wadebridge to encourage them to maintain momentum and stresses the importance of their determination to carve a path for others to follow across the world.

Stephen Frankel, chair of the WREN board, said: "The point of WREN is to strengthen the local economy by bringing renewable energy into the mainstream. Tourism is a major source of local income, so we are keen that people nationally and internationally should know that here we are moving rapidly into the low carbon economy."

Watch episodes 1 and 2: