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Case studies

Microgeneration approved installer
Case studies

Sir Robert Geffery's

Fact file

Sector Public sector
Completed Aug 2010
Installation time
1 week
Roof type Flat roof
Panel type
Kyocera polycrystalline
Sir Robert Geffery's

A total of 48 solar panels were fitted on the school roof over the summer holidays.

The idea was sparked by pupils wanting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the community to go green. To maximize output the system is arranged in six strings of 8 modules.

The cost of the renewable energy technology was met by the EDF Energy Green Fund, the Government's Low Carbon Buildings Programme and £3,500 from school funds.

Head teacher Julie Curtis said: "The solar panels are working well, the children are really excited and we have already saved and made money. This project acts as a message to our community that we are determined to make all the difference we can to reduce our impact on the planet. Our sustainable energy project will also improve our environmental education, giving real data for our pupils to use in the classroom."

Each year the panels should generate about 7,000 units of electricity, saving an estimated four tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

A live monitoring unit at the school entrance will show how much electricity is being generated.