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Case studies

Microgeneration approved installer
Case studies

Davey House, Penwith Housing Association

Fact file

Sector Public sector
Completed Dec 2007
Installation time
3 weeks
Roof type Slate
Panel type
Sharp monocrystalline
Davey House, Penwith Housing Association

Tenants are overjoyed with their solar PV systems which require no maintenance and produce approximately half of their electrical needs over the course of the year.


Plug Into The Sun have worked with Penwith District Council and Penwith Housing Association to deliver a unique series of installations on social housing in West Penwith, Cornwall.

A finished solar PV installation in PenwithObjective

The objective was to assist tenants on relatively low incomes to reduce their electricity bills and generate on site renewable energy.


The installations have received money from Penwith District Council, Penwith Housing Association and Treneer Together Partnership.


Plug Into The Sun installed four photovoltaic (PV) systems, made up of two 2kW installations and two 1kW installations. The system will save in total over 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and approximately £450 per year from the electricity bills of the housing association tenants.

Some of the tenants on the estate have had ground source heat pumps installed to provide their heating and hot water in a sustainable way. 

The outcome

The tenants have been overjoyed with the PV systems. Once they are up and running, there is no maintenance required. The systems work by themselves and produce approximately half of the tenants' electrical needs over the course of the year.

Each house now has an import and export meter so when they're not using the energy, it's being exported to the national grid.